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highway. so you can keep going. >>> the disappearance of malaysia airlines flight 370 is putting the focus again on cockpit security. the window of a pilot of the 9/11 airplanes was on capitol hill today and she understands the dangers of breaches. >> i cannot look another family member in the eye and say i knew there was a risk and i did nothing. >> she went to the office of house transportation chair. they wantitute know why a bill that would -- want to know why a bill that would require a second cabin door is stuck in his committee. a secondary door could save lives. >> it is easy to push a person aside and run in, where as the secondary barrier is metal and cables and slows them down. >> reinforced doors have been installed on jet liners around the world since september 11. however airlines are against the legislation to add secondary barriers. they say the decision oo stall the barriers should be the decision of individual carriers. . >>> microsoft released the updates to internet explorer this morning and it fix as security breach. the company says users with automatic updates don't
for malaysia airlines flight 370 is shifting to the ocean floor. they are scouring the indian ocean today looking for signs of debris but the prime minister says that nothing has been found so far and at this point it is unlikely air crews will ever find anything. predict contractors will be hired to cover larger area. this will cost $60 million and could take up to 8 months. >>> the search for bodies from the mudslide in washington come to an end with two people missing. it was a difficult decision. 11 people were rescued the day it happened, march 21. 41 bodies have been recovered since then. they must clear debris from a mile long stretch of highway and that could take three months. >>> developing story we brought you at the beginning the of newscast, tornadoes moving into the southeast. the damage is staggering. you can see the pictures, buildings smashed. power lines ripped apart. cars tossed about. tornadoes carved a path of destruction through the central plains and the mid-south. 14 people have died. that number could rise. live in arkansas to show us the damage there. >> we are h
. >> >> speaking from malaysia, president obama called sterling's remarks racist and incredibly offensive, but tried to offer some perspective. >> united states continues to deal with the legacy of race -- we have made enormous strides. you will continue to see this every so often. we just have to be clear and steady in denouncing it. teaching our children -- >> president obama said he is confident the nba will address the issue. >> >> the naacp retracted plans to give an award to sterling later. specifically -- in a separate tweet, the group's president said if you are silent about this, then you are accepting of this, meaning sterling's remarks. >> >> pioneering broadcaster bryant gumbel weighed in on this as well. >> i'm surprised anyone is surprised. donald sterling's reputation is one of if you keep a vicious dog and one day it bites someone, you can't be surprised. >> >> on ktv overages. com, we posted more on the clippers controversy, including more of what the team's coach had to say. despite the controversy, clippers and warrior also a game to play. tonight, the warriors on top.
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3